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Bettie Spruill Mentor Mary Katherine Morales I Life Transformation

“Mary Katherine’s book is inspiring and transformative. The five practices offer us all a path of profound awakening to compassion for others and self-love. This book is a must-read.”



founder of Ideal Coaching Global

Transform Your Life with Mary Katherine Morales Author

“Mary Katherine was my spiritual coach for two years, during which she guided me through my career transformation. She was the catalyst of change in my life. Thanks to her, I left my career in therapy to become a life coach and trainer. She continues to champion me and all people seeking support in creating their purposeful life.”


Transformational Trainer

Simon T. Bailey and Mary Katherine Morales

“Mary Katherine is an emerging voice in the world. I’ve watched her grow in her wit and wisdom. Her transformational journey is riveting. Please do yourself a favor and buy a box of her books and share them with every woman you know. They will be tremendously blessed by MK’s vulnerability and breakthrough strategies."


Breakthrough Strategist, Spark Nation Live and author of Be the Spark

Patricia Werhahn and Mary Katherine Morales Brilliant and Classy

“Brilliant, charismatic and classy. MK approaches everything in life with grace and ease; she always gives it 100% both in her professional and personal life. It is an absolute honor to know her and be part of helping her spread her message.”


CEO, RedSteel Properties

Kim Gramm Testimonial Mary Katherine Morales

"Mary Katherine is masterful at developing high-touch relationships and she is strategic in complex surroundings. She is a tremendous leader, community builder and team player. One thing that truly stands out about MK is she operates in her truth and she is authentic and always places the mission of the organization she represents as a top priority.”



Associate Vice President Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Texas Tech University

Mary Katherine Speaker & Author I Woman of Principle, Five Steps and Principles for Changing Your Life

“One of the many things I love about MK is her heart. She truly loves. She loves people, she loves her work, she loves women, she loves leading by example. She can speak to what it is to be a Woman of Principle because she IS one. And she has made these practices and ways of being a part of the way she engages with the world and everyone in it. I cannot imagine a better guide through these very necessary and practical practices in Becoming a Woman of Principle. It doesn’t matter where you are when you find this work, it can support you in practical ways to apply and live from these principles.”


CEO Next Level Improv / International Speaker/Trainer/Author

Mary Katherine Five Practices Addiction and Recovery

“For three years, Mary Katherine (MK) served as the Transformational Trainer for The Lodge at Delray Beach, which is a women’s sober living community. MK’s core message, “What we say to ourselves, quietly or out loud, once or a thousand times, has the power to change the course of our lives.” She is a master at getting women to take a look at how they show up in the world and make a new commitment to live one day at a time – into their divine calling. Through her work, she changed the course of hundreds of women who came through our program during the three years.”


Executive Director, The Lodge at Delray Beach

Michelle Kramer with MK Morales Speaker and Author I Transforming Your Life

“10 years ago, I never imagined that I’d be making over 6-figures as a health coach. The patience, wisdom, and guidance that Mary Katherine has given me has transformed more lives than she will ever know. If you are ready to turn your dreams into a reality, Mary Katherine will get you there!”


Board Certified Health Coach




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